Transboundary Conservation: A New Vision for Protected Areas


Russell A. Mittermeier, Cyril F. Kormos, Cristina Goettsch Mittermeier, Patricio Robles Gil, Trevor Sandwith, Charles Besancon Transboundary Conservation, (2005) Published by CEMEX in cooperation with The WILD Foundation, Conservation International and Agrupacion Sierra Madre. Color photographs, illustrated 11.3 x 12, 372 pages Hardback. 


A transboundary conservation area is an excellent tool for better protection of wilderness and biodiversity. Such protected areas cross international boundaries, is managed cooperatively for conservation purposes, and may include adjacent national parks and other protected areas. Although the concept is not new, the growth in internationally adjacent protected areas in recent years have been very rapid. In 1988, there were 59 such complexes around the world. The most recent analysis, however, indicates that there are now 188 involving 818 protected areas in 112 countries, representing approximately 17% of the global extent of protected areas.With stunning photographs and state of the latest science, this book reviews the history of the transboundary conservation concept and application, as well as summarizes the latest information available and the many benefits that these areas provide. The book focuses on 28 transboundary conservation areas, spanning all continents including Antarctica and several marine transboundary conservation areas. It is our hope that a more thorough understanding of transboundary conservation will allow practitioners to harness this mechanism more effectively. Sponsored by CEMEX, Transboundary Conservation reflects the company’s strong conservation commitment , and the work of Conservation International, Agrupacion Sierra Madre, and the WILD Foundation to publish the latest information on global biodiversity conservation.


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