Welcome to the WILD Publications & Gear Store! August 22 2013

Everyone here at The WILD Foundation is thrilled to launch our brand new Publications & Gear Store!

Since 1974, WILD has work internationally for wilderness, wildlife & people. Our vision is to protect and interconnect at least half of the planet, land and water, because wild-areas provide essential social, spiritual, biological and economic benefits – Nature Needs Half™We envision a planet with abundant wildlife and wild places, which produces ample clean water, fresh air and natural resources that support all life. We believe that intact wilderness areas are an essential core element of a healthy modern human society.

All of our projects- such as our World Wilderness Congresses, the Mali Elephant Project, Tracks of Giants expedition, and more- carry out our Nature Needs Half vision. WILD works for wilderness and wildlife in a collaborative manner, across borders and in many different cultures. We work with local partners to ensure that projects are implemented according to local traditions, customs and manners.

We hope you find the products in our Publications & Gear Store of great use. Whether it be for personal knowledge, or as a professional resource for wilderness advocates, these publications have played a vital part in wilderness management and education. From the beautiful coffee table photography books, to the indigenous case studies, and the World Wilderness Congress proceedings- these books relate directly to WILD's international conservation work. 


-The WILD Foundation Team