Birds and People: Bonds in a Timeless Journey


Nigel J. Collar, Adrian J. Long, Patricio Robles Gil, Jaime Rojo Preface by: H.I.H. Pincess Takamado Forward by: Robert Bateman Birds and People: Bonds in a Timeless Journey (2007) published by Cemex with Agrupacion Sierra Madre and BirdLife International. Color Photographs, illustrated. 12 x 13, hardcover, 360 pages Hardback. 


Few of us get up with the lark any more – but then there are so few larks to get up with, compared to the 1890s, when 40,000 were delivered to London’s Leadenhall Market in a single day. Yet from the eggs we eat at breakfast to the eiderdown duvet we gratefully slide under at the end of the day – not to mention the images on the coins and notes in our pockets, the logos on the packaging our food and drink comes in, and the words and phrases we use – birds still pervade our lives, and our thoughts and the way we think them.Birds and People: Bonds in a Timeless Journey is lavishly illustrated with photographs from the world’s best conservation photographers and is an enchanting and informative read on the close association between birds and people throughout history.


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