Geography of Hope


Year: 2016

Author(s): Cyril F. Kormos, Russell A. Mittermeier, Tilman Jaeger, Brendan Mackey

Editor(s): Cristina Mittermeier

Hardcover book

A Geography of Hope underscores the spectacular environmental, cultural, and spiritual value of our planet’s primary forests—that are fast disappearing as a result of human activity. These ecosystems afford unmatched carbon storage, offer an invaluable source of freshwater, support the livelihood of more than 400 million people worldwide and provide the crucial seeds necessary to reforest degraded areas. Their conservation is absolutely critical to reduce the significant dependence on fossil fuels. Indeed, the protection, restoration and reforestation of primary tropical forests alone could provide 50 percent of the climate mitigation scientists deem necessary over the next fifty years.

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