When Elephants Fly: One Woman’s Journey from Wall Street to Zululand


By Carol Batrus 6 X 9, 248 pages b/w photographs, Paperback


In When Elephants Fly: One Woman’s Journey from Wall Street to Zululand, Carol Batrus recounts her experience working on a WILD Foundation project in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, the place where WILD began more than 30 years ago. After ten years on Wall Street with its high-powered, fast paced lifestyle, arriving in a Zulu village without electricity, running water or telephones was not only a world away but a century removed from everything familiar to Carol. Her mission: to establish a self-help, training and micro-development project that had positive conservation, social and economic benefits for the local Zulus without impeding their culture. Living with danger and dealing daily with unknown issues in a complex traditional society, she kept her values clear and simple, her feet on the ground, and her tongue in her cheek as she started a project that continues today, managed by the local people. With adept storytelling skill suffused with humor, irony and compassion, Carol brings the reader in to her life in Africa.


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