Wilderness the Way Ahead


Edited by Vance Martin and Mary Inglis


Why is wilderness such an important issue today?  What responsibilities do we have to our environment? How can we balance the needs of individuals, society and the Earth itself in order to assure that wild places will remain a functioning and valuable part of our planet?  WILDERNESS '83, the 3rd World Wilderness Congress, convened in Scotland in 1983 to discuss these and many more questions.  This book presents the edit proceedings of this Congress in an informative and readable style.  The wilderness issue is explored in depth by a multi-disciplined gathering of scientists, artists, politicians, industrialists, tribal people, psychologists and philosophers.  Contributors include Sir Laurens van der Post, Ian Player, Jose Lutzenberger, Felipe Benavides, Prof. C.A. Meier, Carolyn Tawangyawma, Dr. Morton Boyd, Dr. John Hendee and the Hon. Barry Cohen.  Eight pages of colour and more than 80 black and white photographs complement the text.


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