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Zulu Wilderness : Shadow and Soul Dr. Ian Player Paperback, 320 pages, 1998.


“This book is Ian Player’s tribute to Magqubu Ntombela and the remarkable friendship which grew in the wild. Their relationship and their commitment not only to each other but also to the conservation of wilderness is a shining example of the spirit of the people of this country.” Nelson Mandela, Former President of the Republic of South Africa. In this reminiscence, Dr. Ian Player tells of his life’s work as a conservationist, his partnership with longtime friend and companion, Magqubu Ntombela, their successful effort to save the white rhino in South Africa, and the never-ending struggle to protect wilderness. The major theme of Zulu Wilderness is wilderness-the force and presence upon which all of the lives presented in this enthralling story depend. The author’s story of his friendship with Magqubu is placed within the broader framework of South African history in the 20th century, including Zulu history, the rise and fall of apartheid, and the increase of an environmental ethic in South Africa and worldwide. Rich with fascinating stories about the unique wildlands and people of South Africa, Zulu Wilderness is an adventure of both the mind and the spirit.


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