Portraits in Conservation: Eastern and Southern Africa


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Elisabeth Braun Hardcover, Preface, Acronyms, Introduction, Preserving Wildlife in a Conservation Setting; One Does not Compromise with Extinction; Elephant Issues in Kenya; Conservation by the People and for the People; Conservation Visionaries and Activists; A New Generation of Conservationists; Appendixes: Information on African Countries and Conservation Issues; Bibliography. North American Press and The WILD Foundation, 266 pages, 1995.


Many brave and dedicated men and women are making a difference in African nature conservation today. This book follows the careers of leading conservationists, such as Ian Player and Magqubu Ntombela, who helped create the Operation Rhino Program in the Umfolozi Game Reserve, and the Krauses, who left successful careers in the United States to begin the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia. Much of the work done by these pioneers is village-based, involving the entire community in nature conservation. Although their individual careers are different, each conservationist is striving to find a balanced and interactive relationship among people, wildlife and the wild environment. Through these individual portraits, the reader gains a picture of the new, post-Colonial approach to nature conservation that is gradually taking hold throughout the sub-Saharan regions of Africa.All readers, students and teachers will be informed and inspired by these human stories of adversity, challenge and success. Portraits in Conservation: Eastern and Southern Africa, is a true reaffirmation of the importance and power of the individual person to bring about great and positive change.


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