The White Rhino Saga


Ian Player, Forward by Alan Paton Hardcover 254 pages Copyright 1973 *OUT OF PRINT, LIMITED NUMBER OF COPIES AVAILABLE* 


From Ian Player’s first visit to the Umfolozi Game Reserve in South Africa’s Zululand in 1952, the salvation of the white rhino from extinction became almost an obsession with him.  The white rhino, the second largest animal in the world, had roamed over the southern half of the African continent in large numbers during the nineteenth century  By the 1970′s fewer than 500 remained, confined to a territory far too small for them to thrive….The White Rhino Saga tells that tale of Ian’s work to bring the white rhino back from the brink of extinction, and provides a unique look into this conservation legend’s tireless work to protect wild nature.  Alan Paton, in his forward, writes, “[this] is a book for every lover of the wild.  The danger of the captures, the disappointments , the ultimate successes, make a splendid tale.”


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