Testament to the Wilderness -- A Jungian Psychology Perspective Drawn from the 3rd WWC


A Testament to the Wilderness --Ten Essays on an Address by C.A. Meier.  Daimon Verlag. The Lapis Press


In 1983 Jungian analyst Dr. C.A. Meier addressed the Third World Wilderness Congress at Inverness, Scotland, where he spoke on the topic of "Wilderness and the Search for the Soul in Modern Man."  Meier spoke not only of the tragedy of our vanishing wilderness and the need to preserve it, but of the necessity for preserving man's "inner wilderness," as well:

"Man is estranged from his soul, therefore from his own inner nature, by being lost in the outer world.  Excessive interference with outer nature creates of necessity disorder of the inner nature, for the two are intimately connected."

A Testament to the Wilderness includes Meier's essay and eight others, written in response to it, on the subject of the wilderness.  Some of the contributors receive their analytic training from or were the colleagues of C.G. Jung.  Others are scholars of Jungian thought working in various field.  Having this in common, the writers speak from remarkably different viewpoints and experience.  They present a unique and absorbing look at man in a technological and bureaucratic society, drawing parallels between the "wilderness without" and the "Wilderness within."


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